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The seal above is one of the author's personal seals. This particular one has been carved for him by Fung Hong-Hau, one of the master carvers of seals in the Twentieth Century.


The Author is happy to announce that the full text of the first two volumes of his family memoirs — ADRIFT: My Childhood in Colonial Singapore, and Hong Kong Fiascos: A Struggle for Survival — can now be downloaded for free from this website for personal enjoyment or educational purposes.

The drafting of the third volume — tentatively titled Hong Kong Confidential: Life as a Subversive — is now well advanced and should be completed around the middle of the year.

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The Author

TV Interview with David T.K. Wong after a book launch in Hong Kong in 1996

Lunch Beat Radio Interview in Hong Kong with David Wong in 2002 -(Click on arrowhead to listen to broadcast)